Club League vs Floorball League

Club League:

  • A club league is recreational whereby teams meet within their community and set their own guidelines for play (age brackets,teams, schedules) and provide their own facility.
  • Club leagues can have a referee, coaches and timekeepers if they so choose.
  • Goalies are optional.  Where goalies are not used, either mini nets of goal inserts are used
  • Club leagues are usually more social in nature.
  • Club leagues are more flexible in their registrations as some communities/ organizations contribute to the league by way of providing coaches, referees and playing facilities (gyms).

Floorball League:

  • Floorball leagues are a more organized version of floorball club league and are more competitive in nature.
  • There are usually set teams that play an equal amount of games over a set period of time followed by a final tournament.
  • Goalies must be provided by each club teams
  • Coaches are mandatory and are required to be certified each year
  • Referees are certified and have more experience refereeing floorball (usually there are two referees per game).
  • Statistics are kept and posted.
  • Floorball leagues can be incorporated within a metropolitan area and consist of several floorball clubs who participate against each other based on a set age bracket, gender and a neutral playing venue.
  • Participants are required to purchase their own equipment and are required to register as a competitive member with both governing bodies (Provincial Sport Organization – Floorball Nova Scotia as well as National Sports Organization-Floorball Canada)

In Nova Scotia, there are several Approved Affiliate Partners that operate clubs and leagues.  Check out our Authorized Affiliate Suppliers for more information


The Premier Floorball Leagues

  • The Premier Floorball League is an all encompassing league that is governed by Premier Floorball Inc., an Approved Affiliate Partner to Nova Scotia Floorball Federation.
  • Premier Floorball Leagues are open to all  Premier Floorball clubs
  • These club leagues draw upon their recreational club players to find and form a competitive team based on various age brackets (i.e U19, U16, U14, U12).
  • These club competitive teams are entered into The Premier Floorball League (players on each club team  who are actively registered in their community Premier Floorball club play for their community within the Premier Floorball League)
  • Premier Floorball Leagues are designed to be the next level up above club leagues and are typically Premier Floorball club recreational players who have been identified and chosen for their advanced floorball skills and game play.
  • Games are scheduled during set times of the year, statistics are kept on players and goalies, play time is predetermined, competition is higher, two referees are used as well as each match is overseen by a Premier Floorball League Convener (person assigned by Premier Floorball to oversee the league and ensure players follow rules of play as set out by the International Floorball Federation (IFF) and Floorball Canada (FC)).
  • Premier Floorball Leagues are more broad in geographic scale as they draw from communities of Premier Floorball clubs.
  • Players must be register with Floorball Canada as competitive members, and are put on a list of candidates to qualify for Floorball Canada’s national teams.
  • Players must provide all their equipment, team apparel and contribute towards all the expenses required to compete and develop their floorball skills (tournament registrations, training, team uniforms, insurance etc.)
  • Premier Floorball Leagues are used to identify higher caliber players. Nova Scotia Floorball Federation scouts players from these type of competitive leagues to identify players for their provincial team to participate in Floorball Canada’s National Championships.
  • Premier Floorball League is a for profit business so as to ensure a higher standard of rules and playing requirements that may not be the case in a volunteer based local community league