Floorball Club 

Floorball Club:

  •  A floorball club is a community of people (geographic most likely but can also be an organization or company) that gather for recreational play.
  • It is identified by the community or organization name and usually plays without keeping record of wins or losses.
  • They may mix teams up every week or have set teams who participate against each other weekly based on a set age bracket
  • Clubs usually comprise of a larger span of age group and gender.
  • Floorball clubs usually play within their own community facilities and can run organized recreational club leagues among local players within their community
  • Clubs can buy their own equipment and share them with participants.  Players can also bring their own floorball sticks.
  • Referees are optional depending on the age bracket.  Most referees are newly certified or in training.
  • Clubs can offer weekly drop ins, minor hockey cross training clinics, school workshops and birthday party events
  • Players who complete weekly are required to be members of the Provincial Sport Organization (PSO) and National Sport Organization (NSO) and pay annual dues