Join a team or make your own with friends!

5087622Thank you for your interest in Floorball.

Although various clubs throughout Nova Scotia are operated by different Approved Affiliate Partners, games are usually played weekday nights and/or evenings at designated venues in a community (gym).

Teams are formed based on registration and skills of players.  Most clubs in Nova Scotia are recreational and games are played within an hour time frame.

Depending on the level of skill and player registration, clubs will either have goalies or a net protector (in some younger clubs the operators will opt with mini nets as players are learning floorball)

Players will generally require  floorball stick, clean indoor footwear, comfortable gym attire and eye protection.  Most clubs have both property and personal insurance* through their membership with Floorball Canada.  Be sure to check this out prior to registering 

If you have any questions about registering, please contact us at

*Note: Insurance is required to participate in a Nova Scotia Floorball Federation sanctioned event. NSFF membership dues include insurance coverage and discount on equipment. Contact Floorball Canada for membership fee pricing.